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The Tyrolean Trail Run - TTR is an exciting and challenging test of TRAIL running in the concept of  self-sufficiency, with distances from 17km to 42 km covering beautiful scenery in the most Austrian city in Brazil, Treze Tílias, in the Midwest region of the State of Santa Catarina.

THE PROOF - Der Wettbewerb

The TIROLES TRAIL RUN – TTR is a mountain running event whose basic pillars are self-awareness and self-sufficiency, where what is at stake is your physical conditioning to overcome distances and altimetry and your capacity for  planning, logistics and  navigation. 
With these ingredients, we have a self-sufficiency “trailrunning” test with courses from 15 km to 42 km passing through beautiful landscapes of the Brazilian Tyrol that are only disclosed on the eve of the event.
Thus, we can characterize the TIROLÊS TRAIL RUN – TTR as a moment of self-knowledge, as there is no support during the race such as STAFFs, signaling and hydration. It is the simple form of what we like to call the MOUNTAIN RACE, with scenarios full of beauty and stories from the most Austrian city in Brazil, Treze Tílias.


THE ORIGIN - Der Ursprung

The TIROLISH TRAIL RUN – TRR had its emergence in the midst of a Covid-19 pandemic, where in the second half of 2020 a group of friends, trailrunners and ultramarathon runners (Susana Battassini @subattassini from @personalfitnessjba, Ricardo F. Massignani and Rafael Vargas @ vargasrafaell from @flowinthemountains), in the face of confinement, uncertainty and lack of evidence, they decided to create a simple event, from runner to runner, but one that would bring a taste of great trailrunning events that exist in Europe, choosing as a setting the small town of interior of Santa Catarina, Treze Tílias.
The chosen route was already well known by friends, as it was used as a training course for their long preparations for ultramarathons and that reached the city of Treze Tílias, a city of Austrian architecture and with a reception watered with delicious artisanal draft beer and typical food from the region. Austria.
With the strategy defined and with the fraternal support of the Treze Tílias Tourism Association @visitetrezetilias, we hand-picked 40 trailrunner friends from all regions of southern Brazil who would be invited to participate in this challenge, following all the sanitary rules established in that time for the event.
Every event is born from an idea. And when this idea is loaded with passion, this convincing emotion that makes people believe and join your projects, there's no mistake!
2020 was a year of many learnings.
And the desire to do the TYROLES TRAIL RUN - TTR was to rescue the true meaning of mountain running: self-awareness, self-sufficiency,
  overcoming their own adversities,  respect for nature, good conversations along the way, review and fun,  of course! In the end that's what matters!
This is our mission!
That's how the TYROLISH TRAIL RUN – TTR was born





SATURDAY, September 17, 2022 , from 3 pm to 7 pm (location to be defined).



SUNDAY, September 18, 2022:
The start of the 42Km race will take place at Praça Andreas Thaler, promptly at 7:00 am with a time limit for completing the race in up to 7 hours (2:00 pm);
The start of the 29Km race will take place at Praça Andreas Thaler, promptly at 7:10am in the morning with a time limit for completing the race in up to 5 hours (12:10pm);
The start of the 17Km race will take place at Praça Andreas Thaler, promptly at 8:00 am with a time limit for completing the race in up to 3:30 am (11:30 am).



Access the ONLINE subscription platform here: COMING SOON!




THIRTEEN LINDS - Dreizehn Linden

Treze Tílias was founded on October 13, 1933 by the former Austrian minister of agriculture Andreas Thaler at a time that country was looking for solutions to minimize the suffering of its population that was in the midst of a generalized crisis.


Immigration took place mainly between the years 1933 and 1937, with people coming mostly from the states of Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Upper Austria (Oberösterreich). The colony also received people from other Austrian states and even Austrians from South Tyrol (Südtirol), a region that belonged to Austria between 1363 and 1918 and which after the 1st World War was annexed to Italian territory.


Culture has always been a highlight in colonization, which had the foundation of the Banda dos Tiroleses even on the first immigration ship, the art of sculpture and singing already present in the first Christmas in the new homeland and over the years, new groups they were formed in order to preserve the identity of Treze Tílias, which is now known nationally as “O Tirol Brasileiro”.


In addition to Austrian culture, Treze Tílias received descendants of Germans (mainly from Hundsrück and Westfalen) and Italians (mainly from Veneto and Lombardy), making European culture very influential in the city and region. (source: )


Access all accommodation options in Treze Tílias.

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