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The space


✔ Much more important than rooms with large and complex weight machines, the Personal Fitness® physical space was planned to offer freedom of movement for our main tool: the body.

✔ Our infrastructure has space for developing activities with free weights, ropes, tapes and fixed bars for suspension training, cones, ladders and barriers to train agility and speed, core training tools, balance and stability, space for potency training and regeneration.

✔ Using the body as the main tool and the intelligence of a good professional, the result will be  correct and balanced training.



✔ Thinking about greater thermal comfort for customers combined with care for nature, our room is equipped with healthy and ecologically correct air conditioning devices, which humidify the air and work together to renew the natural air in the environment.

✔ Air cooling only occurs with water evaporation, it does not have a compressor and does not use any material that harms the environment, in addition to the low consumption of electricity and the use of rainwater.

✔ We also have floor coverings with renewable raw materials in its composition, 100% recyclable, with low environmental impact at all stages of its life cycle! We use rubber  recycled from discarded tires. Each square meter corresponds to six tires taken from the Environment.


✔ Pleasant space with modern and inspiring architecture, providing a feeling of freedom, flexibility, humanization.

✔ Air-conditioned space, acoustic treatment, daily cleaning service, interaction with the outside area (garden and deck).

✔ Accessible areas according to ABNT Standards and seeking the inclusion of People with Disabilities and Reduced Mobility.



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